Abraham & Kevork LLC is a third-party commercial, consumer and medical debt collections agency based in Newport Beach, California. We provide companies, consumers as well as physicians and hospitals with effective solutions for unpaid debt that affects their revenue cycle. We are a debt collection company that is focused on maintaining the highest standards. Abraham & Kevork was founded on principles of respecting and maintaining a non-judgmental outlook for every client. This outlook allows us to stay committed to excellence, superior customer service and respectful client relationships.

“No Collection, No Fee”

Abraham & Kevork believes clients should only pay competitive, cost-effective rates if money owed to our clients is successfully collected. Our experienced staff pursues every avenue to collect on the outstanding balance of delinquent accounts. Collection specialists as well as our legal team maintain transparent communication so every client can be sure they are getting the best bang for their buck.

We offer competitive rates, ongoing reporting analytics and debt recovery solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of every client. We use various contact methods, specialists and research personnel in order to recover revenue while providing the most competitive rates. Fees are dependent upon recovery and vary in range according to different factors such as number of accounts, size of accounts and the need for legal action in order to collect.

General Commercial Debt Collection

Abraham & Kevork’s debt collection team is perfectly situated in the major commerce hub of Orange County. Our agile staff expertly serves small or established business debt collection needs and adjusts the collection approach for each business.

We understand how difficult it can be to run a business and maintain a healthy bottom line, so we strive to make it easy for every client to feel at ease with Abraham and Kevork’s team collecting debt on their behalf. With our methods, we have proven ourselves as a debt collection company able to collect debts with a higher collection rate and at a quicker pace than our competition.

By using cutting-edge technology, Abraham & Kevork is a debt collection company committed to serving all of our clients’ needs. All of our employees are highly qualified and dedicated to learning and growing, as they continually improve on their collection techniques. Our company is centered on creating good relationships and promoting a positive culture each and every day.

Medical Debt

We have representatives who are compliant with HIPAA and FDCPA and are adept at protecting the sensitive and important relationship a medical service provider has with a patient. For this reason, many physicians, hospitals and medical service providers have trusted our attorney-backed team to recover medical debts.

The practice of an insurance company disbursing payment directly to the insurance subscriber with the assumption that he or she will forward payment to the health care provider carries with it an inherent risk that the patient will cash the check for themselves. Abraham & Kevork has developed a niche specialization with this type of debt and has proven itself able to recover debt while maintaining the relationship between the medical service provider and the patient.

Our mission is to maintain client relationships while helping medical service providers stay in business by collecting on their delinquent accounts.

In-house Counsel

Several attorneys work in Abraham & Kevork’s legal department, serving as in-house counsel for Abraham & Kevork. As in-house counsel, Abraham & Kevork’s attorneys are responsible for a wide range of legal and business-related affairs involving proactive risk management and legal matters in the areas of contracts, intellectual property, labor and employment, litigation, tax, human resources, corporate law, fraud, and privacy. The duties of Abraham & Kevork’s attorneys are broader than the typical duties of attorneys in private practice. Using their business acumen and extensive knowledge of the company’s business and corporate culture, Abraham & Kevork’s attorneys obtain the best possible results for the company.