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The team at Abraham & Kevork LLC is eager to help businesses and business owners in almost any field recover debt. Let our experienced, attorney-backed debt collection specialists work hard to collect the money you are owed.
Whether recovering debt from delinquent accounts requires litigation, credit reporting or can be resolved through communication, the staff at Abraham & Kevork will work hard so debt recovery is one less thing to worry about. We understand how difficult it can be to run a business and we take great professional pleasure in making sure business owners have more time to devote to their passion. Leave the debt collection to us.
Our experienced staff pursues every avenue to collect the outstanding balance of delinquent accounts. Collection specialists as well as our legal team maintain transparent communication with every client so everybody who does business with us can be sure they are getting the best bang for their buck.
Call us now at 888-788-0093 to learn more about our “No Collection, No Fee” philosophy that means you’ll only pay our competitive, cost-effective rates when we successfully recover debt on your behalf. Our team is happy to answer questions you may have about pricing, services or anything else. Learn about how Abraham & Kevork’s experts can work for your business to achieve cost-effective and timely debt recovery.

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