• “No collection, No fee” philosophy
Abraham & Kevork believes clients should only pay competitive, cost-effective rates when money owed to our clients is successfully collected. Our experienced staff pursues every avenue to collect on the outstanding balance of delinquent accounts. Collection specialists as well as our legal team maintain transparent communication so every client can be sure they are getting the best bang for their buck.

We offer competitive rates, ongoing reporting analytics and debt recovery solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of every client. We use various contact methods, specialists and research personnel in order to recover revenue while providing the most competitive rates. Fees are dependent upon recovery and vary in range according to different factors such as number of accounts, size of accounts and the need for legal action in order to collect.

  • Primary Placements
These are accounts that have not been previously placed with a collection agency by the client or any previous holder of the account. Abraham & Kevork’s team handles this type of debt with a fresh perspective that takes into account the type of debt, how long it has been delinquent, the amount and other factors that may contribute to its non-payment. Even if a business owner has never dealt with a debt collection company, the process is simple and stress-free. Our representatives are friendly and will guide you through the process and will be available if you have any questions or special requests for accommodation.

Learn how Abraham & Kevork’s team can collect primary placement accounts on your behalf by calling 888-788-0093 today.

  • Secondary Placements
Secondary placement accounts have been previously placed with a collection agency by the client or an account holder before being placed with the experts at Abraham & Kevork. These accounts can often be more challenging to collect on behalf of the client because the delinquency can be longer and the debtor can be harder to find and less willing to pay.

Because another collection agency has previously failed to collect a secondary placement account, the debtor is often aware that debt collection specialists will continue seeking repayment and will he or she take action to avoid paying. To counter this, Abraham & Kevork’s team of experienced professionals craft specific strategies that will address every secondary placement account uniquely. Using a multi-pronged strategy that incorporates many debt collection practices, Abraham & Kevork’s specialists are dedicated to resolving debt that other agencies could not. Our team will stay one step ahead of delinquent accounts to make sure your business’ bottom line stays healthy.

  • Commercial, Consumer, and Medical Debt Collections
Our team recognizes that the need for debt collection services can arise in many fields of business. For that reason, our team has practical knowledge collecting debt for a variety of companies. Our highly trained, empathetic professionals are kept informed of commercial, consumer and medical industry changes to ensure adherence to regulations.

HIPAA-certified representatives are available to handle medical debt collection with the poise and sensitivity that patient information deserves. We hold in high regard the importance of the client-patient relationship and work with that in mind, going out of our way to avoid compromising it. Your clients and patients are always treated without judgment and with complete respect and understanding.

Debt collection is unfortunately an aspect of running any business. If a client neglects to pay, trust the attorney-backed specialists at Abraham & Kevork to keep your business running smoothly.

  • Collection Litigation
If our team are unable to resolve the matter voluntarily, we have a network of debt collection attorneys throughout the U.S. that work on a contingency basis. Our in-house attorney-backed legal department can pursue a variety of legal avenues with permission from the client. Litigation can be a very effective method to recover debt after other methods have been exhausted. If litigation is successful, it enables our team to employ multiple methods to collect. The debtor may choose to settle, pay in full, or a default judgment may be rendered by a court. Wage garnishment also is an option.

Since litigation can be a long process, it is only recommended if our team feels the client has a high likelihood of receiving a large return on investment.

  • Judgment Collection
Even after winning a debt-related lawsuit, judgment needs to be collected. The court will not collect the judgment for you, but there are various court-ordered processes of collection that we use to collect funds if the debtor does not voluntarily agree to submit payment. Our legal team can help to guide you through your options with particularly difficult collections.

If a debtor still refuses to pay even after a legal judgment, trust the experts at Abraham & Kevork to devise a cost-effective and affordable plan of action. We understand the difficulties that can come with uncooperative and we know how to effectively work with them as well as our client to reach a mutual understanding. Experience has taught our team how to avoid the common pitfalls that may ensnare other, less skilled business debt collection companies.

  • Settlement Agreements
Occasionally, a debtor will cooperate with a commercial debt collection company but is unable to pay the full amount owed to the client. In this situation, the debtor and the company must come to an agreement that satisfies both parties. It is sometimes preferable to have a settlement agreement negotiated, in which the debtor receives a discount, but pays in full the discounted amount right away.

Abraham & Kevork can ease the process of reaching an understanding and can negotiate on behalf of the client to recover as much of the debt as possible. If settlement negotiation is unsuccessful, the team at Abraham & Kevork can guide the client through other options that are available. Litigation is an option clients may want to pursue if the return on investment is advantageous. No matter the outcome, Abraham & Kevork can offer options that stay true to our “No collection, No fee” philosophy.

  • Payment Plans
When a debtor is unable to pay the full amount of the debt at once, we can give them the option of a payment plan that benefits both the debtor and the client. We will work diligently to come to a payment plan structure that is sustainable for the debtor and gets as much of the owed debt paid back to the client as quickly as possible. Having a debtor enter a payment plan can be a stable and sustainable outcome that nets a high return on investment. For many debtors, a payment plan may be the only way a debt can be paid and our team works to find an amount that is doable and will reduce the risk that the debtor will stop payment.

Once an amount and term is decided, we will enforce the payment plans and take necessary action with input from our client if the debtor ceases payment or has difficulty sustaining the agreed-upon terms.

  • Credit Analysis
Every individual debtor is in a unique situation in terms of income, financial obligations and employment stability. For that reason, Abraham & Kevork’s debt collection team conducts thorough research to determine potential courses of action. A deep understanding of the client’s financial situation helps to clear the path to a logical and effective outcome by eliminating practices that will not be effective for the debtor in question. This streamlines our process and adds many arrows to our quiver when it comes time to resolve the debt. This thorough research will also inform decisions our team will make down the road when it comes time to create a payment plan, a settlement or if wage garnishment is a possibility.

Due to the majority of collection claims arising from the debtor’s financial problems, we study the owner’s personal financial circumstances, in addition to the financial position of the company to assist us in creating strategies for conducting effective negotiations.

Analysis is a tool that manages expectations and provides a realistic measure of what the outcome may be for the client.

  • Skip Tracing
Abraham & Kevork provides skip-tracing services that will track down the whereabouts of debtors who may be in hiding on otherwise on the run from creditors. Debtors in some situations will move, change phone numbers, banks, start living under an alias or make purchases and pay bills through a friend or family member.

Our attorney-backed team collects as much information as possible about a debtor’s current location working from the most recently known details. By using credit reports, background checks, loan applications and other public records, Abraham & Kevork can determine how best to reach the debtor in a manner that will ultimately aid in the collection of the outstanding debt. Once found, a full background check will aid in our goal to collect as much debt for the client as possible.

A debtor on the run will do his or her best to create as many obstacles to being found as possible, but the experts at Abraham & Kevork have the know-how to overcome these challenges and successfully collect.
We work to help commercial companies, consumers, and medical professionals concentrate on providing the best services, products, and medical care to their clients and patients. We will work respectfully, effectively, and efficiently with your clients. We provide excellent value and superior service to our customers.

Call us now at 888-788-0093 to speak to one of our helpful representatives who will be happy to answer any questions you may have or provide more information on Abraham & Kevork’s business, commercial or medical debt collection services.