tkLOe7nnQ7mnMsiuijBy_hmMedical debt collections is a challenging and sensitive realm of debt collection. With doctor-patient relationships on the line, it’s best to trust experts who specialize in serving the needs of physicians and health care providers. The skilled professionals at Abraham & Kevork have more than 60 years of combined debt collection experience. Our desire is to make that experience work for you. Dentists, physicians and other medical service providers trust Abraham & Kevork to collect their unpaid debt and keep their bottom line in good shape.


Paid-to-subscriber debt

We understand the sensitive position that doctors are put in when attempting to collect from patients who receive out-of-network PPO benefits. When receiving out-of-network care, it is customary for patients to sign a waiver indicating that their insurance should mail the payment to the medical provider. Occasionally, insurance companies will disregard the waiver and send payment directly to the patients instead of to the medical provider. More often than not, the patient does not understand her or his responsibility to pay the service provider and spends the money on themselves. This forces the medical staff to spend valuable time on medical debt collections instead of caring for patients. Our team of exceptional medical debt collection specialists will handle all of your patient accounts with empathy, respect and discretion.
A recent study by the California Medical Association found that 8 of 10 surveyed physicians said the policy of paying patients directly for out-of-network care has negatively impacted their patient relationships. Of those polled, 96% reported a negative financial impact on their practice due to loss of business and staff time spent on invoicing and debt recovery as opposed to patient care. Many patients are not aware that the check they receive is meant to pay their medical service provider. Because of this, nearly 100% of the polled participants reported that they have had difficulty collecting from a patient when the insurance company directly paid the patient instead of the physician.


You’re In Control

Abraham & Kevork provides many options for medical debt collection. Our effective techniques and specialization means we have a higher success rate and quicker turnaround than generic debt collection agencies. We operate under a “No collection, No fee” philosophy that ensures our clients only pay for successful recovery of payment. At times, it is preferable for us to negotiate a debt settlement amount in which the patient receives a discount but pays the full discounted amount right away. Other times, we are able to create and enforce payment plans with the patient. In addition, we also offer full litigation services, should they become necessary. Our staff will maintain communication with you throughout the process to ensure we are proceeding as desired.

We’re Certified

Abraham & Kevork is proud to offer representatives who are HIPAA certified and compliant with FDCPA. Our staff has the know-how to make sure your patient information is kept confidential. We adhere to strict and ongoing testing and practice to ensure our staff possesses a complete understanding of HIPAA and FDCPA guidelines.

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Dial 888-788-0093 today to talk to one of our customer service representatives to find out how Abraham & Kevork can relieve the stress and financial burden of debt collection. Our skilled team will achieve highly effective results and free up your staff to focus on patient care and retention instead of delinquent patient accounts. Put us to work for you as your medical debt collections agency so that you can focus on what you’re passionate about – providing quality healthcare and retaining your patients for years to come.